The World is Beautiful or Terrible. The Choice is Yours.

Vol. 20 No. 04 | January 22, 2018

There were some bad things, sad things, and downright awful things that happened this week.

But there were also some beautiful things that happened this week.

One man went to the doctor and received bad news about his health. Another man, expecting the worst, found out he was going to be fine.

One couple who didn’t want to be pregnant found out they were. Another couple who’d been praying for months to get pregnant also found out they were.

A school where the children didn’t have enough to eat received hot meals from a group of caring adults in the community.

A political leader disheartened the public with his mixed messages and disrespectful comments. Another leader uplifted his constituents with dignity and gratitude.

A sports team responded to their loss with excuses and blame. Another team acknowledged they didn’t perform their best and the other team deserved to win.

An employee found out his company was downsizing and he would be the first to go. That same employee was offered a higher paying job the next day.

One author received another rejection letter. Another author signed her first book deal.

One family gathered around a casket to pay their last respects. Another family gathered around a crib to marvel at the miracle of birth.

On any given day there are plenty of terrible things that happen. But on that same day, plenty of good things happen, too. We can choose to focus on what is tragic and become despondent and pessimistic. Or we can focus on what is inspiring and positive and let it lift our spirits. At the end of the day, where we focus our attention and how we respond will determine what we see and how we live.

The choice is ours.

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